About Me

I'm a product designer with a passion for making the internet more expressive and inclusive.

I've built digital experiences and products for:

Mercedes Benz
Comedy Central
American Express
National Geographic

My experience in different industries and companies has taught me to work through ambiguity, manage cross-functional teams, build 0-1 lasting brands and digital products.

I have achieved success in obtaining the support and involvement of stakeholders and cross-team colleagues by spearheading collaborative workshops, enhancing communication across teams, and effectively conveying UX research findings through captivating storytelling techniques.

My effectiveness as a design leader stems from recognizing that empathy enhances our abilities as designers. By fostering a culture of kindness and inclusivity within my team, we cultivate an environment where trust is paramount, enabling us to freely exchange ideas and leverage our individual strengths.

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Shout out to the talented @Chona for helping me bring my portfolio to life